How to open an account



Quick summary of opening an account
  1. Access to the official website
  2. Enter necessary information
  3. Complete registration



1.1. Access to the official website




2.Confirming precautions

Confirming precautions

Upon confirming the precautions, scroll down the page.



3.Entering necessary information

Entering necessary information

  1. Check on “Agree” box
  2. Select “JPY” “Pro Spread account 555:1”
  3. Check the FOCREX checkbox
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter your e-mail address
  6. Reenter your e-mail address
  7. Enter the number that is shown on the screen
  8. Click on “Open account”



4.Complete registration

Complete registration

That is all for the quick account opening.




5.Receiving an e-mail

Receiving an e-mail

To your registered e-mail address, your bank account and other info will be delivered.



6.Login to My Page

Login to My Page

  1. Enter the e-mail address
  2. Enter the password※ (The one sent to your e-mail address)
  3. Click on “Log in”

Next, steps of submission of your identification, which is needed for connecting to the system and withdrawal application, will be explained.


A caution regarding deposit

After completing the system connection, a second bank account will be automatically opened. Deposit will be done using the second bank account.




Submission of identification(KYC)

Submission of identification(KYC)


Things to prepare
  1. Your personal identification document. Must include: a picture with your face, your full name, and valid date of the document.
  2. Your residence identification document. Must include: your full name, your current home address, valid date of your document.

You need to prepare 1 of each document.



Things to prepare for foreigners

※Foreigners need to prepare a selfie that is shown down below.




1.Confirming precautions

Click on “Enter information and upload document”

Click on “Enter information and upload document”



2.Entering necessary information

You may only enter your home address in half-spaced English.



Enter information that matches your identification documents.



3.Uploading documents

Uploading documents

After “Select file”, click on “Upload”. ※Note that the personal identification document and the residence identification document must not be the same document.

If there is additional description on your documents, please upload it from “Additional certificates”



4.Completion of submission

Completion of submission

That is all for the process of identification(KYC). ※Note that the result takes some time to come out.






An e-mail, that notifies that the KYC has been approved. ※will be delivered to your e-mail address within 1-2 weekdays after the submission.

Upon completing the process, you will be able to connect to the provided system.




Connecting to Apple1-L system

Connecting to Apple1-L system


Quick summary of opening an account
  1. Access to the submission website
  2. Enter necessary information
  3. Complete registration



1.Access to the submission website




2.Enter necessary information

Enter necessary information

  1. Enter your full name
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Enter the number of bank account
  4. Click on “Apply for premier account”

The number of bank account is in the e-mail that is delivered to your address (Title: Opening a Live account)



3.Signature/Confirmation (POA form)

Signature/Confirmation (POA form)

  1. Click on “Next” on every item.
  2. Enter your full name
  3. Click on “Click to eSign”



4.Completion of registration

Completion of registration

That is all for connecting to the provided system.




5.E-mail to your address

E-mail to your address

After the registration, e-mails will be delivered.




How to use

How to use


Next, we will be covering,

  • 4 ways to deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Other features



Ways to deposit

  1. Click “Deposit”
  2. Click “Deposit Methods”
  3. Lists of possible deposits are displayed
  4. Please select your depositl method

Please follow the instructions below for deposit


Precautions regarding deposit
  • Deposit using Bitwallet
  • Deposit using credit card
  • Deposit using cryptocurrency

In order to prevent money laundering, you will not be able to make withdrawal for 60days (You may do so for your profit)




Overseas remittance|Deposit 1

1.Select deposit currency

Depending on the currency to be remitted (USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, HKD), remittance will be processed to the designated bank account.

At that time, you need to enter the “MT4 account number to which payment is reflected” in the remarks and communication fields at the time of the procedure.


2.Contact customer support

customer support:

Contact customer support with remittance details and remittance statement information.




Credit card|Deposit 2

*In order to prevent money laundering, you will not be able to make withdrawal for 60 days.

  1. Select “Deposit account”
  2. Select “Deposit amount”
  3. Select “Card Brand”
  4. Click “Next”


Input of card information etc.

  1. Input “Credit Card Number”
  2. Enter “Credit Card Expiration Date”
  3. Enter “Security Code”
  4. Input “Name”
  5. Click “Start Payment”

Credit Card Deposits are immediately reflected in your account.



bitwallet|Deposit 3

1.Select Account,Currency,and Amount

* Balance is required in bitwallet

  1. Select “Deposit Account”
  2. Select “Deposit Currency”
  3. Input of “Amount”
  4. Click “Next”



2.Automatic transfer to bitwallet

Selecting deposit currency2

  1. Enter password for bitwallet
  2. Check “I am not a robot~”
  3. Click “Login”
  4. Click “Settle”
  5. Click “Return to Merchant Screen”



3.Completion of deposit

Selecting deposit currency3

After a few minutes, the result will be reflected on the account.




Bitcoin (BTC) |Deposit 4

  1. Select “Account for Deposit”
  2. Click “~Deposit Bitcoin Address~”
  3. Add to the list of account numbers under application
    * In general, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes to generate a deposit destination bitcoin address. If it is not created after one day, please contact us on the BigBoss My Page chat.



After acquiring the Bitcoin address

*BTC address for the account you applied will be added

Deposit to the account’s Bitcoin address. *After clicking on “Show”, QR code will appear


  • Result will be reflected within 1~2 business days
  • There may be a contact to confirm the deposit if it’s over 5BTC


Bitcoin (BTC)|Checking the rate

There has been questions as to which rate will be applied when sending money with Bitcoin. So here is how to check the rate.

If you deposit directly to BigBoss, using Bitcoin, BigBoss owned “FOCREX” rate will be applied. After that, it will be automatically converted to JPY, and will be deposited to MT4 account.
*Note that there will be a bit of timelag for the rate.

You can check the rate if you register with “FOCREX”, and down below is how to do it.

Currently, when opening a new BigBoss account, you can also create a FOCREX account.
If you have a FOCREX account, go to “⑥”.
FOCREX account information is received by email.

FOCREX account information



Registration of FOCREX

①: Open My Page and click “Open an additional account” or “Click here to open an additional account (FOCREX account)”


②: Fill in the red frame

1: Transaction type is “FOCREX”

2: Memo → Enter “642342 taku yoshikawa”

3: Please read the agreement of the terms and check “Agree”.

4: Click “Additional account opening application”

③: The following screen will be displayed. Wait for one or two business days.


④:You will receive the following e-mail after the “FOCREX” is completed.


⑤:Please log in to “FOCREX” from the URL below.


⑥:After you are logged in, there will be a chart. There, you can check BTC’s rate.





  1. Click “Withdraw”
  2. Click “List of withdrawal methods”
  3. Click “Bank Withdrawal”

Then, below, we will explain how to withdraw.


  • You can only withdraw over 20USD/2000JPY
  • When the position is in unsetteled/possession, you might not be able to withdraw
  • If you mistakingly input the bank information, is not possible
  • Withdrawal will only be possible for the account holder



1.First withdrawal

Click on “Add Bank Information”



2.Input bank information

  1. Enter bank’s name
  2. Enter swiftcode
  3. Enter the country of the bank
  4. Enter the city of the bank
  5. Enter the postalcode of the bank
  6. Enter the address of the bank
  7. Enter the brunch of the bank
  8. Enter the brunch code of the bank
  9. Enter the recieving account



3.Select withdrawal information

  1. Withdrawal account number selection
  2. Enter withdrawal amount
  3. Select a bank account number to withdraw
  4. Select the bank account currency to withdraw
  5. Check the “Agree” box
  6. Click on “Withdraw”



4.Completion of withdrawal application

Completion of withdrawal application

The screen shifts from “Withdrawal” to the “Withdrawal History” screen.



5.E-mail to your address

After applying for withdrawal, the above content will be delivered to the registered address.



Withdrawal of cryptocurrency

First, you need to be registered to “FOCREX” to withdraw cryptocurrency.

Click here to check how to register/open an account for “FOCREX”

After the process is completed, please follow the steps down below.


1.Click “Transfer funds” and select and fill in the order of the number

1:Click on fund transfer
2:Select the funding source account
3:Enter the amount
4:Select the created BTC account
5:Check “Agree”
6:Click on fund transfer



2.Click “Cryptocurrency withdrawal” on My Page when the funds transfer is reflected

1:Click “Withdraw”
2:Click “Click here to withdraw by cryptocurrency (FOCREX)”



3. Click “Add withdrawal address information”



4.Select and fill in the red frame



5.Select and fill in the required items in numerical order

1:Select withdrawal source account
2:Enter the amount
3:Select the withdrawal address registered in item “3・4”
4:Check “Agree”
5:Click “Withdraw”


Fee&Withdrawal days



6.First application of cryptocurrency withdrawal e-mail will be delivered

Reply to the e-mail in the format as shown in the red box.




Reply to the e-mail with title “Second application of cryptocurrency withdrawal”



8.E-mail will be delivered, which notifies that withdrawal has been completed

After recieving the notification, withdrawal will be completed.



Other Features



Install MT4

Install MT4



After accessing the URL above,

  • Windows user: Enter Name/Address/Nationality and download
  • • Mac user:web version(No need to download)
  • Smartphone user: follow the steps below



Smartphone app

MetaTrader 4. 通貨市場

MetaTrader 4
開発元:MetaQuotes Software Corp.



Check MT4 log in information

After POA (system connection), there will be an e-mail titled “ Notice of Live Account Opening”

Use the account number/password/server that are in the e-mail, and log in to MT4



MT4 app log in/ how to use and check history

For iPhone



For Android



How to change password

1.After clicking “Change Password”, select and change the red frame


  1. Select account number
  2. Choosing a password type
  3. Enter new password
  4. Click “Apply”

* The password must have at least one uppercase English letter


2.Notification of change completion

“Password Change Notice” will be delivered to your address.